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WeCool Mr.Bass Snug Fit Metallic in-Ear

If your phone does not support headphone jack then you are probably looking at something like this an adapter. Which may coast anything around 200 to 400 rupees and this one costs about 400 from one plus and whatever carrying them and attaching them is quite a bit of a hassle as well.

Important Into:-

So I was looking at the USB type-c earphones options. And most of them actually start at 1000 rupees or so and some of them are actually not available. This is very big problem for Type-C jack Users. So this let me to look at some of the cheaper options and there are so many available that. One can easily get confused so buying them is like taking a chance because you never know if they are compatible with your device. How good or bad these are in terms of overall quality. But after shopping around I came across these earphones which work really well with the one plus note and these are also compatible with a lot of other devices as well.


In this Article, we will talk about the sound quality and all the important stuff you should know before buying this one. I’m sure this would be of great help for anyone looking to buy USB Type-C earphones. Specially for the one plus node users.

Metallic Build

WeCool Mr.Bass Snug have that metallic build. I mean that is really surprising to see at this price point. And you have also this braided sort of cable. WeCool Mr.Bass does not feel cheap. The bottom portion of the wire feels actually thicker compared to the top portion. It definitely inspires some confidence doesn’t feel like a typical cheap earphones. You have the volume control in the form of the slider which is very nice. Also you have this button to accept or reject calls. You can also double press this to skip to the next track. which is again very good. I like this, works really well with the one plus note and this may also work on other devices. You can check the compatibility list.

  • The first thing that you should do is go into the settings
  • Then you should go sound setting and turn off this at Direc Audio tuner.
  • If you turn this Dirac tuner off, it starts sounding much better and natural.

Sound Quality

The sound quality, I was really pleasantly surprised with the sound coming out of this. I mean these are easily comparable to let’s say the realme buds 2 or the mi basic earphones. These don’t sound cheap or crap. There is very good bass with quite a bit of punch as well. The vocals sound very clear and natural and the sound stage is also very good. Actually in fact I was using the Sennheiser CX-120BT and I didn’t really feel like. I missed out much on the sound quality overall. But you know cheap does not always bad.

I say they are cheap because you know that for USB Type-C earphones they start anywhere from the reputed brands of RS.1000. So given that this is definitely one of the very budget options, or assume there is a cheaper option available. The sound quality becomes very important and this definitely impressed me.

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Why is this for Gaming

This is perfect for gaming purpose because, I tried gaming on this and a lot of people buy these for gaming as well. WeCool Mr.Bass Bluetooth earphones do have some latency. Say that these actually perform really well I did not notice any issues except for the fact. That it gets in the way I mean because of the USB type-C placement.  Otherwise overall even in the gaming it is pretty good also I did not notice any discomfort while wearing these earphones.


Fit wise it could have been a little better. The ear tips could have been a little better. It certainly looks durable but only time will tell how long these are going to last. So instead of getting that adapter for around Rs 400, I would highly recommend you to get these earphones. Because you don’t have to keep that kind of dongle all the time and attaching them is kind of a hassle, at least in my opinion. So if you are looking for Type C earphones under 500 rupees then these are probably the best.

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What’s in the box

The box looks very generic and inside the box you get this carrying case as well for this price it is very impressive. Also inside box you get some extra ear tips along with the earphones themselves and that’s pretty much it.

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Brand Wecool
Colour Black
Connector Type Type C Connectivity
Model Name Mr. Bass
Speaker sensitivity 104 db+/-3
Product Dimensions 8 x 8 x 0.8 cm; 20 Grams
Compatible Devices This C Type Earphones original comes with silver finished jack provide you maximum durability to your earphones. It is compatible with One Plus 7/ One Plus 7 Pro / One Plus 6T / Mi A2 / Samsung Galaxy A50 / Xiaomi Mi A3/ Huawei P 30 Pro and all type C devices ( Except devices which have 3.5 mm Jack )
Material Plastic
Type C Interface Type C Earphone with sliver coated jack provides you the maximum durability to your earphone. C type Earphone will provide long lasting life
👍Positive Review
  • Extra Bass and HD Sound🙂.
  • Comfortable and Snug Fit🙂.
  • Stylish Type C Headphones In-Ear Design🙂.
  • In-line Remote with HD Microphone🙂.
  • Multi-Purpose Activities🙂.
  • Compatible with all Type C devices🙂.
👎Negative Review
  • Does not support in redmi note 6 pro😟.
  • Cable Quality is not good😟.
  • It is not for Music lover😟.

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Thank you for reading our article, hope you found your best earphone. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section, have a nice day 🙂

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