Top Tech 5 TWS Under Rs.5000 Available in India

Hello guys ! Today we are going to be doing on the Top 5 wireless earphones. That we got for under 5000 Rupees. All those earphones are available Easily on Amazon.

So let’s get started with the first product,

1. Anker Zolo Liberty Plus

Anker’s better known for its mobile battery accessories, but lately it’s been making a serious push into the headphone market.It’s selling two new totally wireless headphones, the Zolo Liberty and Zolo Liberty Plus. But Today we are discussing about the Anker Zolo Liberty Plus. The Liberty Plus are priced at Rs.3499($149) at the time of writing this article. The earphones are really high quality and they include Two 6 mm Graphene Drivers. They also connect over Bluetooth 5.0 and have instant connect capabilities, So the Liberty plus connect with your phone, whether Android or IOS almost instantly.

The Good Thinks

The Anker Zolo Liberty Plus are totally wireless earphones that offer a strong feature set and good sound at their price point. They are Sweat-proof and include a charging case that delivers twice as much battery life as the Air-Pods charging case.


They also come with a bunch of ear tips along with wing tips inside the box. That you can just swap out for a better fit and they fit really well and are extremely comfortable in the ear. As far as the music experience is concerned over various genres of music that we listened to on these earphones. We found that the lows were tight and the vocals were extremely clear and the music experience was enjoyable.

Through the range of the types of music that we listen to also the volume levels on this earphone go really high. So if you do like listening to your music loud even though it’s not really good for your ears. You can do that with these earphones. We found no distortion when we pumped up the music volumes all the way up, So we found that the sound is extremely good on these earphones.

Inline MIC/ Control

Now if you plan on using these for phone calls or they work well for phone calls the incoming audio is really clear and sounds very natural. And the outgoing audio also we found no complaints from the other end of the listening spectrum. The earphones also have a single button for all your controls on the earphone. So you can switch tracks play and pause and even end or receive calls from this single button.

Battery Life

Now the battery life on these earphones will last anywhere from three to four hours depending on the level or the volume. At which you are listening to your music, phone calls as well we found that about 4 hours is average on these earphones. So if you want something that lasts a little bit longer. These will only give you a maximum of 3-4 hours, But you can charge them in the included case and in total after charging them multiple times you will get 24 hours of usage.


At Rs.3499($149), the Zolo Liberty Plus are a shade cheaper than Apple’s AirPods, and a good deal less expensive than options from Samsung or Bose etc. But while Anker eliminated some problems with these earbuds, like connection dropouts and video delay, they are not as fully featured as some of those other offerings. The Anker’s got a product worth iterating on here, but the search for the truly wireless earbuds that do it all soldiers on.

Tech Specifications

Brand ‎                               Anker
Model Name                    ‎AK-Z2010011
Model Year                       ‎2018
Product Dimensions ‎      86.36 x 48.26 x 30.48 cm; 272.16 Grams
Batteries                            ‎2 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
Mounting                        ‎  Ear Pods, Charging case, Ear gels and Charging cable
Microphone                     ‎ With microphone
Voltage ‎                             4.2 Volts
Connector Type              ‎ Bluetooth wireless
Supports                           Bluetooth 5.O
Manufacturer                   ‎Anker
Item Weight                     ‎272 g
Warranty                          18 months warranty

Positive Reviews
  • Bluetooth 5 is rock solid
  • The charging case has bountiful battery life
  • No video delay
Negative Reviews
  • Forgettable sound quality
  • Mushy buttons
  • Earbuds only last about three hours per charge
  • Price range not average, it’s so high

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2. TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 Wireless Earphones

Now next pair of TWS earphones on our list are the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 wireless earphones. The TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 are a surprisingly decent pair of truly wireless headphones for their price. While they’re fairly standard truly wireless in-ears, they provide good value overall thanks to their well-balanced sound profile, well-built design, and decently comfortable fit. With they do have inbuilt AI Noise reduction. And they are priced at 4350 at the time of writing this article. The earphones are well made and the overall design of the Earphones is also really interesting. They do have a USB-C Type charging port and the earphones them selves have IPX-7 waterproofing.

Image source YouTube

Now they boast about 8 hours of usage in a single charge. We also found this to be somewhere around 6-7 hours with the volumes upwards of 80%. The case also gives you about 30 hours of usage once you charge the earphones in the case for about three to four times. The earphones also include a bunch of ear-tips along with the wing tips. That you can swap out for a comfortable fit and they are extremely lightweight and fit in the ear very well. They do have Bluetooth 5.0 and they are fast to connect whether you’re using them on IOS or Android.

When it comes to the quality of the sound from these earphones the overall sound stage is pretty flat. So you don’t get punchy bass as much as you do on say for example the Anchor zolo Liberty plus.

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But if you’re looking for a more flat music experience?

You do get that with these earphones, you do have crisp vocals and clear high tones as well. So the sound experience is good but more on the flatter side and not as enhanced on the base side as you would want from your earphones. If you do like listening to heavy bass music. The volume levels also go up pretty high so if you do enjoy louder music. You can get that with these earphones no problem with that whatsoeverNow these earphones have something called AI-Noise reduction. So they do some sort of a digital sound cancellation and because of that the microphone does not really push out of the greatest audio. On the other side during phone calls. While sound coming into the earphones during audio calls is clear and usable I feel that the microphone experience could have been slightly better.

Overall these earphones are great for those looking for longer battery life and IPX7 waterproofing. And they are also great for the noise reduction capabilities that they offer. So if you are in busy environments or if you have loud backgrounds and you would like to do phone calls a lot or listen to music a lot. These will come in handy for that go check these out links are in the below Buying Button.

Tech Specifications:-

          • Bluetooth 5.0
          • IPX7 waterproof rating
          • Audio Codex: SBC, AAC
          • Touch-sensitive controls
          • Noise reduction technology for phone calls
          • Charging case with USB-C port (holds five charges)
          • Microphones
          • 66 x 40 x 28mm
Positive Reviews:-
          • Well-balanced and versatile sound profile.
          • Quite well-built and durable.
          • Good price-to-performance ratio
Negative Reviews:-
          • Charging can be finicky with stability fins installed.
          • Touch-sensitive controls are not the most intuitive.
          • Battery falls short of advertised life.




3. OnePlus Buds Z

Now next up on our list are the OnePlus Buds Z. These are on sale for 2999 at the time of writing this Article. They are on a deal so the price may change soon. You can see these are a slight upgrade to the previous generation of the buds even though they are priced less. They do now have ear tips that can be replaced and they do come with different size ear tips inside the box. And the beauty of this is that it does come with a pairing button on the back. So if you want to quickly pair your earphones you just have to tap that button and put the earphones in a pairing mode.

Image Source Youtube

Now the earphones themselves have Ipx-55 rating, so you do have some sort of water and sweat resistance on these earphones. They also have a hydrophobic nano coating. So the earphones themselves will repel water. The earphones offer up to 5 hours of usage on a single charge at around 80% volume. But you do get an additional 15 hours using the case and charging them. In it they do support the fast charging standard from one plus. So if you do have a one plus device, not only will you be able to use the charger to quickly charge up the earphones. But also in the oneplus device you’ll also be able to go in and tune some of the settings on the earphones. This feature however is not available on other devices. So if you do want a finer control on these earphones.


They will only work best with one plus devices. But you can pair them with any other phone including Iphones. If you so choose to as far as the sound experience is concerned the overall sound stage is a pretty enhanced and it feels amplified. It also feels a little digital it does have a good amount of bass and vocals are also enhanced. So you do feel that you are listening to good high dynamic quality audio. And they do sort of pull out some names like dynamic 3D stereo sound and dolby atmos. But i feel that the sound stage experience was not the best out of our lot. Even though it is still in the Top 5 in our list.

As far as phone calls are concerned audio quality is clear, on both sides. But again there is some sort of digital noise cancellation going on. That for the microphone as well as for the earphone or the incoming audio you feel some sort of dynamic noise cancellation happening on a digital level.

Now like i said for music vocals are clear and bass is enhanced. So you do get a good amount of bass on these and overall a really good comfortable fit. And because of the stem it does make your mic pick up a little bit better. So definitely worth a shot especially if you are using a OnePlus device.


OnePlus Earbuds Case Cover 



4.  SoundPeats Trueshift 2 

Now these are really interesting wireless earphones, and they are priced at 3999 at the time of making this article.  One of the coolest features of these earphones is the case itself. Which doubles up as a 3000 milliamp hour power bank. And it does have USB-C output as well as input so in case of an emergency. You can charge up your phone using these earphones. Because it does support USB-C output. If you did Buy the new Iphone and you got the new USB-C to lightning cable. You can plug it into these earphones to charge your earphones in case of an emergency.

Now the earphones themselves are extremely comfortable one of the most comfortable pair in the whole list, to fit inside the ear and they come with a whole host of tips. To swap them out and you can change the wing tips as well as the ear tips for a much better fit. They are extremely lightweight and fit in the air quite comfortably. They also offer about 6 hours of playback at about 80% of charging. Because of the large size of the case battery you get about 16 full charges with the case. So it gives about 100 hours of usage with a single charge of the case and the earphones in it.

They are also IPX-7 rated, so they are waterproof and so you can use them for workouts as well as outdoors no issues. If you take them in the rain as well they do have quick pairing and they pair up with either Android or IOS without any problem. All of the earphones that we have talked about in our list. Do work with PC and Laptops as well in case anyone is interested in that. As far as the music experience is concerned the sound stage on these earphones is very fun and lively.

You do get a good amount of bass and clear vocals on this and the sound levels are also really high. You do really enjoy the music experience or no matter what genre of music you are listening to you do get a crisp sound from these and a really nice clean sound. It doesn’t seem digital or synthesized in any way. Because of the comfortable fit you do enjoy your long music sessions or long phone call sessions on this speaking of phone calls. Audio on both the sides of phone calls is good however. Because of the shape of truly in-ear type do get a little bit of distortion on the microphone.

Overall pretty impressed with these earphones. If you are looking for something that also gives you a power bank. And like long battery life and multiple recharges the true shift too are definitely.


5. Hifiman TWS 400

The pick for you the last product on our list are the Hifiman TWS400. Now at the time of writing this article they are priced a t Rs.2990(INR). Now these include one of the most extensive set of ear tips. That we have received from all of these earphones and mostly any earphones that i have bought-off of amazon till. Now they have a whole set of ear-tips, so you can get a really nice and snug fit with these earphones. Also they are extremely lightweight, so they weight in at about 5.9 grams. Which is very comfortable to wear in your ear for long periods of time.

They do offer up about 5 hours of usage on a full charge. And you can charge them in the case for about three times. So you get about a total of 15 hours of usage on these earphones. The earphones are IPX4 rated, so they are not the best water resistant earphones in our list but, they do have basic sweat and dirt resistance.  They work well with games as well because of the low latency audio in there. And they do connect over Bluetooth 5.0 as do all other earphones on our list.

if you talk about the sound stage of these earphones they are relatively flat sounding but there is a little bit of enhancement on the base side of things. so you do get a more peppy lower end whereas vocals and higher end remains slightly more flat.

If you do have an equalizer app on your phone you can pump up the vocals a little bit more to give this a better sounding experience for music. But overall out of the box experience is pretty satisfactory from these earphones.

You will also enjoy the music experience on these Earphones. As for as phone calls are concerned we did find that the voice was not clear while coming in or while going out, it is not the best phone call experience. So if you are looking for earphones for making or receiving phone calls these may not be the pick from our list.

That completes our list of Top tech Truly wireless Earphones. That we found under 5000 rupees, now the price range is of course from 3000 all the way to 5000. Which one was your favorite, if you are looking forward to buying one of these which one will you look at do let us know in the comment section below. All of these earphones do support fast charging so a little bit of charging will give you about one or two hours of usage time on all of these earphones. And they all support the ability to activate your voice assistant on whatever smartphone you are using whether IOS or Android.


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