TOP: 6 Best Type C Earphones in 2022

Best Type C Earphones in 2022 – Which One Should You Get 

We have listed the top six of the best type c earphones in 2021 to help you find the right one for your needs and budget. So let’s get start, the first one’s

1. Razer Hammerhead ANC USB C – in Ear
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Our list begins with the Razer Hammerhead. The Razer hammerhead is a complete USB-C earbud package. That includes a carrying pouch Four different size of ear-tips and a braided cable with an in-line remote. It has an excellent shape and angle for most ears. Which offers a comfortable fit on the size of the earbuds tip or material.  The sound quality is one of the hammerhead USB-C ANC more strong suits as. It’s mids are crisp and clear, the highs can grab your attention. While the base is on the tamer side and along with that there’s still a satisfying low rumble with enough gravitas to bring life to a metro boomin production.

Now Coming to its Noise cancellation employing, hammerhead is noise isolation capability is a detailed yet satisfying improvement. That becomes more noticeable while listening to higher volumes in all. This hammerhead USB Type-C ANC is one of the better equipped USB-C earbuds. You can buy that works with your phone, Ipad or Laptop.

Tech Specification:-
  • Brand ‎                                                      Razer
  • Item Height ‎                                         2.5 Centimeters
  • Item Width ‎                                           3.5 Centimeters
  • Product Dimensions                            ‎136 x 3.5 x 2.5 cm; 20 Grams
  • Item model number ‎                            RZ12-02780100-R3M1
  • Voltage                                                      ‎2 Volts
  • Item Weight ‎                                           20 g
  • Are Batteries Included                          ‎No
  • Included Components                          ‎Headset
  • Imported By                                             ‎Acro Engineering Company,
Positive Reviews:-
  • Good sound quality
  • Well-built
  • Surprisingly good ANC
  • Comes with Comply memory foam tips
Negative Reviews:-
  • Glowing Razer logo is a bit much
  • USB-C still isn’t universal and playback controls didn’t work perfectly for me

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2.  Samsung EO-IC100BWEGUS Type-C

Next is Samsung, these Samsung type-c earphones are designed for mobile devices that come equipped with USB type-c connectors. It features a built-in DAC, which enhances the quality of your listening experience. While it’s each earbud features a two-way design to offer rich audio that is clear and balanced. This Samsung type-c earphone is constructed to truly separate, left and right signals up to 10 times better than 3.5 millimeter headphones. And tuned by AKG, it focused more importance on its sound quality. Its package comprises three pairs of ear tips for the right fit.

While the fabric cable helps prevent tangles in all it is designed for easy comfortable listening with lightweight materials. And its each earbud is designed to sit comfortably in your ears. Which will let you tune out the world with your music.

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Tech Specification:-
  • Manufacturer                                  ‎Samsung
  • Model                                                ‎EO-IC100BWEGUS
  • Product Dimensions                      ‎2.49 x 1.8 x 124 cm; 18 Grams
  • Item model number                      ‎EO-IC100BWEGUS
  • Hardware Platform ‎                      Laptop/Phone/Tablet
  • Special Features                             ‎Earbud
  • Headphones Form Factor            ‎In Ear
  • Batteries Included                         ‎No
  • Batteries Required                        ‎No
  • Connector Type                             ‎Wired
  • Item Weight                                  ‎18 g
Positive Reviews:-
Negative Reviews:-
3. Google earbuds

Next is google earbuds, these google USB-C earbuds for google pixel features a refined acoustic for extended bass and clarity for thorough multimedia consumption. Coming with a microphone in-built this earbud allows the user to call and track control of google assistant from within and with adjustable loops help. Each earbud will fit comfortably and securely to make these headphones better for the audiophile and music enthusiast for prolonged music consumption. Made off of poly-carbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane.

It is extra durable and long lasting and can also withstand extensive punishment with their build quality itself. You can get the latest without touching your phone. Just long press and hold the volume up button to listen to your latest notifications. and along with that you can also communicate in over 40 languages with in-ear help from google translate.

Tech Specification:-
Positive Reviews:-
Negative Reviews:-
4. Xiaomi ANC

Next is Xiaomi ANC, this Type-C earphones from Xiaomi are built well like its competitors with a braided cable. That feels decent enough for inline remote control. It houses three buttons on it for volume down, media play/pause and volume up. While at the side over it has a two level active noise reduction switch. Its earphones are plenty good when it comes to sound quality as. They have a frequency response from 50 hertz to 20000 hertz. And along with its package. It includes three different sets of earbuds for the perfect fit. It supports Xiaomi 5, Xiaomi 5S, Xiaomi 5S Plus, Xiaomi mix,  Xiaomi note 2,  Xiaomi max, Xiaomi mix 2, Xiaomi note 3 and Xiaomi 6 Etc.

Tech Specification:-
Positive Reviews:-
  • Excellent bas with right amount of enrgy, punch and depth wihtout boomy or muddy overall sound.
  • Bright clear sounding mids and lower vocals.
  • Active Noice Cancelling + Hybrid configuration at a ridiculously low price.
  • Highly efficient response to EQ.
  • Elegant and stylish Design.
Negative Reviews:-
  • Sound leak might be slightly worse than an average earphone.
  • Sibilance is perceivable and piercing highs can be reached too.
  • Harshy higher mids peaks can happen but can be substantially reduced with an EQ
5. Pioneer Raze pro

Next is Pioneer race pro, this Pioneer raised pro uses an adaptive noise cancellation functionality to adjust your sound according to the environment around you. It leverages lightning power technology yet offers a USB-C adapter for giving you the perfect universal earphones for apple IOS and mac. And with listen and charge capabilities you can now do listening and charging at the same time. With the smart buttons you can set it to mute and unmute calls.

Launch apple music or other shortcuts. While the voice activated Siri and smart mute technology empower you without a single touch. Its built-in motion sensors can detect when you have removed your earphones and automatically pause your audio. And once you put your earphones back in. You will be able to resume right where you left off with seamless ease.

Tech Specification:-

Brand                                                                     RAYZ
Color                                                                       Black 2.0
Connectivity Technology                                    Wired
Form Factor                                                          In Ear
Headphones                                                          Jack Lightning
Package Dimensions                                           8.23 x 4.49 x 1.46 inches
Item Weight                                                         5.3 ounces

10- 22000 Hz
Best Sellers Rank                                                3,579 in Earbud & In-Ear Headphones
Date First Available                                            June 17, 2020
Manufacturer                                                      Appcessori Corporation

Positive Reviews:-


Negative Reviews:-
6. Belkin

Last on our list is Belkin, this Belkin earphone with USB-C connector gives you the optimum precision and clarity for an immersive listening experience. Its multi-control button will make it easy to play-pause skip tracks change volume or answer a phone call at the touch of a button. While it’s clear built-in microphone will make it easy to take calls without removing the earphones.

Its ear-tips can be tailored to your ear with a design that actively directs the sound towards your eardrum. And as a result its excellent noise isolation will make sure you are experiencing the music as the artist intended in all. If you are one of those, who expect their music to be an unvarying companion to you. Then the Belkin Rockstar Earphone with USB-C connector can be an ideal product for you. And with its flat lightweight design, you can keep the earphone cable tangle free in a pocket or bag.

Tech Specification:-
Positive Reviews:-
Negative Reviews:-

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