Sony WI-C200 Depth Review | Premium Budget Earphone in India 2022

If you have bought a smartphone without 3.5 mm jack or just looking for a wireless earphone as your daily driver. you have tons of options available to choose for within the competitive price on Amazon.

Sony WI C200 Bluetooth/Wireless earphones Reviews:

Here in this Article, We will be reviewing one such product from Sony which has a 4.0 Global rating from  21 Thousand plus people on Amazon. The product is Sony WI C200 Bluetooth/Wireless earphones.

We are going to cover a few key aspects in this Article like comfort-build, audio quality, battery, connectivity and  few issues what we are facing.


Sony WI C200 earphone wire are build with not exactly made out of plastic. That we find on slightly cheaper earphones which is a good thing. The cables are tangle free and the earphones are very light weight. The earbuds have magnets to stop them from dialing around but they are pretty weak magnets. I also don’t like the fact that snapping the earbuds together doesn’t pause the music. The earphones charged via a USB-C port which is great.Here you have three buttons on the left side of the headset. And in the middle is the power button. There is a minus and plus and that is the volume control button. They also feature as a Multi functions Button. When you play music so you double tap. It actually goes forward, and if you double again on the other side goes backward.

How to Pair

To the pair this with your phone if it’s your first time. when you turn on the power by pressing for two seconds. It is gonna blink the light. it is very fast like 2 seconds for two times repeatedly. So then all you have to do is just go on to your Bluetooth setting and find the WI200 and just click pair and it should successfully pair your phone with the earphone once it’s paired the light goes OFF and it just . I think flashes once every few seconds to let. You know that the power is still on the other side an the other side with the battery. They actually kind of feel like the same weight. So you don’t feel quite awkward with one side that’s pretty heavy and the other side is very light So it feel balanced.

You can also trigger google assistant or Siri to the help of double pressing the MFB button. The fit for me personally is fairly good fit is extremely subjective but it is good to know that they include three pairs of ear tips. Also when you put them on the earbuds don’t stick out as much. Which can be a good or bad thing.

Audio Quality

Let’s we are discuss about the audio quality, audio quality frankly out of the box. I was pretty disappointed because these earphones lacked bass. But we are played around with the equalizer a bit and they sound much better. The previous wired earphones that I used and reviewed had better bass than these.

But they also compromised on the overall audio quality. I feel manufacturers like Xiaomi produce earphones. That have good bass but they sound muddy. Overall these earphones from Sony though don’t do that. The bass is present but at the same  time the mid are crips. These earphones do lose some detail at higher volumes. I would have liked a bit more bass but other than I have no complaints. The audio lag is non-existent by watching videos. Which is not the case with some of the other Bluetooth earphones. But there is some amount of lag during gaming. So these earphone not for Gaming.

Battery Life

  • Battery charge time   Approx. 3.0 hrs
  • Battery charge method  USB charging
  • Battery Life for Music Play back time Max. 15 hrs

Battery life has been really good. We get three days of pretty heavy use out of them. They also support quick charge to the help to Type-C USB charging port. Sony claims 60 minutes of playback with 10 minutes of charge. If discussing about the connectivity. The connectivity  decent range till the adjacent room is fine. But anything farther and the audio start skipping boring process is really easy though.

A few issues that we are facing.

Here are a few issues we facing. The audio skips a lot when we are using the phone and listening to music at the same time. I have no idea what’s causing this and I don’t think I would have bought. These earphones had I known this problem existed. Also these earphones have turned out randomly once or twice. The volume is low compared to wired earphones when we connected to our laptop the WI-C200 from Sony is not an easy recommendation.

In the market current competitors are various just like MI neckband Bluetooth earphones and the realme Buds Wireless. But MI neck band is not built very well and the also realme has poor audio quality. There is we are find a third option the bullets wireless Z new editions from oneplus and going by the specs be absolutely destroyed. Sony WI-C200 for example oneplus claims 10 hours of playback with 10 minutes of charging and up to 20 hours of battery life.

What’s in the box:-
  • Type-C USB Charging cable
  • Earbuds 3 Units
  • Instruction Manual
Technical Feature:-
  • Model Number   WI-C200
  • Item Dimensions    42.1 x 22.6 x 19.5 cm
  • Wireless audio with BLUETOOTH® technology
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life
  • 9-mm driver units for crisp, clear sound
  • Flexible and lightweight cables
  • Hands-free calling and voice assistant compatibility
  • Driver Unit 9mm
  • Frequency Response  20 Hz–20,000 Hz (44.1 kHz Sampling)
  • NFC     no
Tech Specifications:-
👍Positive Reviews:-
  • 9-mm driver units for clear, punchy sound
  • One-touch hands-free calling
  • Magnetic buds for easy carrying
  • Portable and flexible for more comfortable listening
👎Negative Reviews:-
  • Slightly cheap build quality
  • Music Quality is not good
  • Latency very high
  • not for Gaming Purpose

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