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Now lets go Learn more about Our Site Bass-Zone, the story of growth from Zero to 10k website visitors only within 2 months (as of May-June 2021).

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Hey Guys, this is Team SZS, founder & editor of Bass-Zone.

Now Let’s go through the story of starting and growing Bass-Zone.

To begin with, Bass-Zone was Born on April 2021, it is only 2-3 months old now. I have always loved Earphone, Headphone ,Mobile & Laptop Gadgets,Technology, Gaming & and also I like to write articles. Back in 2021, I got an idea to create a helpful website that offers Quality tech articles and genuine advice to my friend Sohail and Zaid.

Achieve Bass-Zone Journey

We started Bass-zone with zero knowledge of websites but self-learned everything from reading articles and watching Youtube videos. We got enormous success and praises from readers in the short span of time. So far Bass-zone is visited by 55K readers with over 3k page views, since launch.

Also, there are over 1000 social media influencers and 100 email readers. There are over 1000 comments on the Social media and we have helped and advised over 500’s of readers in the last few months.

Our team always fascinated with PC/Play station Games and YouTube all day and sometimes all night too. I bought my first Lenovo V110 and Moto G7 phone , when I was in 1st semester of my Graduation in 2017, I was nearly 18 years old that time and My friend Md Zaid Ahmed  own AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, And Asus ROG II Phone. But we have no any idea in digital marketing, Gaming and Any Gadgets.

But we went to Hyderabad for study but we were not interested in the study, then we discussed among us ourselves that we have to do something and in the end it was concluded that we have to earn money online. After that Zaid was the most Naughty boy of the group and Sohail, who is the hardest working boy of our group, both of them made this decision and we started reading about Technology and Gadgets from March 2021 and today We people.

In after few months, I learned more about Earphone, Headphone, Mobile Gadgets, PC Gadgets, processors, hardware testing, Android custom ROMs, App/Web development, SEO, Photoshop, and Video editing etc.

Now journey continued, and in July 2021, I got inspired to create bass-zone.in for helping readers looking for trustworthy information.

How we review products

We are not interested in pointless number crunching or providing you overly long 5-10 page articles including how we took it out of the box, but easy to read, and more importantly, easy to understand words. Here is our full review policy on how we handle products at Bass-zone whether it is at trade show, a dedicated briefing, or once we have got it in the office.

How we handle data

If you are interested in finding out more about how we work, our competition rules, and how we handle cookies or your data you can visit our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages to get a detailed explanation

Getting in touch

If you have any comments about the site, or the stories we write, or would like to get in touch about advertising on Bass-zone or licensing & syndication, we would love to hear from you. For More Details please feel free to write to us at [mail@basszone.in].   You can contact us via the feedback form, social media or even write to us at Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp (8251538489, 7004806767) also.

Our Team


(Contributing editor)

Knowledges: Earphone, Earbuds(TWS), Smartwatches, Mobile Accessories.

Location: Hyderabad, India

Languages: English, Urdu and Hindi.

On the academic front, I did my graduation from Ranchi University Ranchi and then doing MCA from Osmania University Hyderabad.

I have been playing May and my group bass-zone since the beginning along with my studies. It is really a bit difficult to manage both. But then I am taking both of them together. From April of 2021, my group and me started working  on Bass-Zone.

Also, I have many years of rich experience in technology field, me and my group were interested in technology field from 1st semester of graduation.

                                             Social Media: Facebook, Instagram , Twitter

                                             Email: saddammalik498@gmail.com

                                             Whatsapp: 8521538489


Zaid Ahmed

(Advisor and creator of bass zone)

Knowledges: Smartphones, Gaming, Headphone and wearables

Location: Hyderabad, India

Languages: English, Urdu & Hindi.

Hi, This is Zaid ahmed (advisor and creator of bass-zone.in).

i am a student and currently i am doing MCA from Hyderabad, first time when i visited hyderabad for admission purpose and after i got admission there was online classes started due to covid19. Whole day i researched about how to build a website and i was also doing web designing course that time through which i was very much intrested to make my own website and i was discussed with friends they also shares their ideas



                                             Social Media: Facebook, Instagram , Twitter

                                             Email: zaidnishat42@gmail.com

                                             Whatsapp: 7004806767

Sohail Umair

(Contributing Editor)

Knowledges: Speakers, Gaming & Gadgets, Video Editing and Fitness.

Location: Hyderabad, India

Languages: English, Urdu & Hindi.

here article

 Social Media: Facebook, Instagram , Twitter

                                              Email: basszone.in@gmail.com

                                              Whatsapp: 7004806767


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Contact Us

You can contact me for any queries or help. Advertisers and Bass-zone Companies can also contact me on the Contact Us page

Saddam Malik