pTron Tangent Lite Bluetooth 5.0 Reviews : Best Wireless Earphone In India Under 1000

pTron Tangent Lite Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones

If you have bought a smartphone without 3.5 mm jack or just looking for a wireless earphone as your daily driver within Rs 500/-. You have tons of options available to choose for within the competitive price bracket of Rs 500 and Rs 1000/-


Here in this post, we will be reviewing one such product from boAt which has a 4 rating from 26000+ people on Amazon. The product is pTron Tangent Lite Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones

Now we’ll be reviewing the p-tron tangent light earphones these are wireless earphones with an around-the-neck sort of design. And we’ll be taking a look at it in detail to let you know whether or not you should be putting down your money for this particular earphone.
This particular set of earphones cost you Rs. 599/-(INR) and the pricing and M.R.P. that you see on amazon website will say Thousand Eight hundred rupees. This should actually be considered as a rupees 500 your phone. And all my thoughts and you sort of conclusions is based on that so you should not compare this to other earphones. Which are in and around say the thousand eight hundred rupee mark.
Now let us start by discussing about the most Important things. That I liked and I’ll also cover things, I didn’t like later on the review. So to start things off these are extremely light 23 grams of weight. The benefit is that they are extremely comfortable to wear even for extended duration of time. Now not really a fan of the around the neck sort of design but in this case it was actually fine and I don’t get any sort of pain on our back or no any neck. So I would give them a good rating in that respect.
Now the next thing liked was the battery life it self and these are rated for battery life around 6 hours and we got more or less the entire promised battery life. And these also charge pretty quickly in around one and a half hour but the sad point being that these have a micro USB port.
Now considering the price point that’s still fine it’s acceptable ans micro USB is still better than having a proprietary charger for example. You also get a short micro USB cable in the box as well the other thing which I liked about this device is  the audio quality is actually surprisingly good for something in this particular price range with Bluetooth enabled. The 10 mm driver are good in terms of driving audio but of course they are not all that good in terms of the base. So if you are looking for something that’s bass heavy these are not the ones for you but it’s still overall pretty good. If you are listening to music watching the video, movies etc. And even for gaming that decent but the latency is not the lowest. That we have seen so ideally you would be better of using a wide earphone or spending some more money and getting something with a bit lower latency.
All the parts and buttons are located on the right side and you basically have three buttons a micro USB port an LED indicator as well and a microphone in terms of controls these have you covered in almost every need and single use that you would nee and long pressing the center or multi function button will basically turn it ON and similarly a long press will also turn it OFF but if you press and hold it for even longer you can basically activate the pairing mode, volume control key is also available a single press will basically increase or decrease the volume while pressing and holding will take you to the next or previous song similarly button actually answers or hangs up a call while you can also reject it by long pressing it ans double pressing the center button will redial the last call number itself.
One of the advantages of having the microphone near the base is the fact. That the audio quality is pretty good when you are making calls that the party at the other end can hear you quite clearly. So it’s pretty good for call talking and call making as well and the 10 meter distance in terms of the range is also pretty good in case your own freely.
There are two main things that stand out the first thing is the fact that these seem very cheaply built in fact. It’s very lightweight but that also means that these don’t really feel all that good when using it. It can also be lightweight while still having some premium materials or some reassuring feeling but these feel very fragile to me and while they say that this has a twist and flex design that it can stand several flexed or can stand you know rigorous sort of testing. I still feel that these are not all that great in terms of the durability and might not last you all that long.
Now these are sweat resistant they say the ear-tips at least but there is no IP rating. And I feel that there is a possibility that having some moisture could also damage. This very easily the next thing I didn’t like was basically the fit of it while the neckband design. Itself was pretty lightweight and I didn’t feel any issues. I felt that the ear-tips themselves did not fit very comfortably in my ear. I’m not sure if it’s actually my ear design but I tried it with my self as well. I found the same sort of conclusion that they don’t sit properly in one ear. And I tried different ear-tips as well I thought may be it’s the ear-tips being too small or too larger but all different ear-tips basically give a similar sort of feedback. It felt that it was basically sitting awkwardly and it was kind of hurting my ear in certain scenarios as well these are the two main draw back. I find about this but in terms of the overall experience, that you get at the asking price Rs. just 599/-(INR). I think these are worth it if what you want is good audio quality good battery life. as well a an overall you know easy way to communicate with people and connecting it to your smartphone over Bluetooth.
Now this is available in black basically all the variants are black. But they have a hint of you know green, red or yellow based on the color you go for or midnight black. These accents are there across the wires as well as the neckband and they look pretty cool to me. But I have the black variant hare which is also stealthy and some of you may prefer that. Overall these are excellent earphone in terms of providing a sound output but in terms of the build quality and the ear-tips them selves.
The earphone are available on Amazon Just Rs. 1299/-(INR)
Tech Specifications:-
  • Model     :  Tangent Lite
  • Product Dimensions       :   86 x 2.5 x 0.8 cm; 22 Grams
  • 125mAh Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Mounting Hardware       :    1xBluetooth Neckband, 1xManual, 1xMicro USB Charging Cable
  • Iteam weight                    :   22g
  • Material                             :     ABS & Metal
  • Microphone Form Factor   :    In-Line
  • Audio Output Mode             :    Stereo
Positive Reviews:-
  • Clear call microphone 
  • Advanced Bluetooth V5.0
  • 1.5 hours of full charging time
  • Sweat-resistant ear-tips
  • Bend or twist at any angle to fit in our neck
  • Fast & seamless connectivity 
  • Compatible with Google Assistant Siri & Alexa
Negative Reviews:-
  • Latency is no Lowest but it’s okay
  • It doesn’t turn off automatically
  • A small case/Pouch is missing
  • It is not perfect for playing Gaming

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Thank you for reading our article, hope you found your best earphone. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section, have a nice day 🙂


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