OnePlus Type-C Bullets Earphones Reviews

OnePlus Type-C Bullets Earphones | Amazing Value Earphone

A solid option for less than Rs.1500/- Type-C Earbuds

  A solid option for less than Rs.1500/- Type-C Earbuds

If you don’t really pay much attention to what is happening in the phone world. So maybe you don’t know what is OnePlus. The company has made a name for itself by making competitive phones for less than the competition, and has gained an almost cult-like following because of that.

Experience and Retail

I have been spending a lot of time with a lot of different types of headphones and earbuds lately. We live in a great era for audio that you don’t have to spend a lot to get some great headphones. There’s a twist though, considering the One Plus, many phones no longer have a headphone jack, they connect via USB Type-C. So do we have a good pair of USB-Type C headphones to choose from, or are they the same? So let’s add One Plus to our list, Type-C Bullet is available at retail Rs.1299/-.

You can expect a cheap and lackluster build quality with headphones in this price range. And in this case, you would be only partially right. While the cable doesn’t inspire any confidence, the earbud housing is made of a tough metal that I don’t see breaking anytime soon. On top of that, the control module is well built with click buttons that don’t let you guess whether or not you have actually done something, and the Type-C connector at the end feels sturdy too. As I already told you that I have used this type-s earphone for a few days, so I can’t say how they will be with you after a long time. But one thing I wish OnePlus added some extra reinforcement to the connector here looks like it will eventually give out.   


As for comfort, it does feel a bit loose in my ears but it never turned out to be a big problem. They stayed in my ears quite easily during my commuting, did not fall from the ears while running or doing any work. Although I will say that I accidentally pounced on him on something and reprimanded him on several occasions. This is clearly a problem with all wired earbuds. But even more so with the OnePlus Bullets because the cables that the earbuds are on don’t have a wire cinch.That’s why I couldn’t secure loose cables near my chin which made it easier to hold stuff while walking. Overall fine in terms of comfort.

Some Issue With Cable 

The first issue I have with build quality is with the flat cable. which is considered difficult to entangle. Looks like I have to sort them out every time. I took them out of my pocket. In all fairness, I’m intentionally rough with headphones to make sure they can withstand stress, so if you give these a little extra TLC and wrap them properly before putting them away you won’t have to worry about anything. There shouldn’t be a problem.

Connectivity Technology

One Plus Bullets gives you that with 3.5mm connector. I always experienced some incompatibility with playback controls as I usually have both iOS and Android devices at any given time. With Type-C, I was hoping this would change, but I’m still asking myself if the manufacturer knows what the word “universal” means because I’m still having problems with it myself.

The OnePlus Bullets have a fairly standard control module with two volume buttons placed above, and below a Multi-function button that controls playback. The above button control Volume Up and below button Control Volume Down and MFB controls Multi function like call receive, Google Assistance, Siri etc.

Do Type-C Bullets Sound Good?

Now all this USB Type-C compatibility is neat, but you know how do they sound not bad at all for all the tech specs, the 24-bit support low distortion. The buds are tuned a bit fatter and thicker than I would personally prefer. Not quite the exciting skull Numblers of multi driver earbuds. But definitely leaning on the Basie side. There feels like a significant roll off to the highs, which felt dull on classical and jazz.

The bullet seemed most at home when driving stuff you might want to dance to at a club in front of a Sub-woofer. This tuning is fun for games and action films but I still wish we had a bit more Sparkle. But with a built-in DAC these are tough to beat at 20 bucks. If I were only comparing headphones to cost I prefer the sound from earbuds like the KZE ES4. Which also sell for Price Rs.1899/- our dual driver and feature replaceable cable.


The microphone on the bullets is actually pretty decent for a low-cost pair of headphones. But it does bring up another small issue with Android and USB audio. I am recording this right now on my laptop’s webcam because my computer knows what to do with the proper USB audio device. Unfortunately plugging the bullets into my OnePlus 6T and using the stock One Plus 6 camera. This is a pretty sad little bummer for those of you who liked.

That feature being able to plug in a pair of headphones and change what microphone your phone was using to record video. Definitely something that is still a major deficit in Android land Google is inability to catch up with proper USB audio support. But that is enough rambling from me, we should probably wrap this up. Where is that leave us with the OnePlus Type-C bullets. I desperately hope this is part of a larger trend. If USB Type-C is really going to replace the phone jack, Then we need more competition at a wider variety of price points.

Why the One Plus Bullet is a better Bluetooth neckband?

Bluetooth is cool but we’ll always need standalone cable connected solutions that don’t have their own batteries. Especially since Bluetooth inflates costs for similar sound quality you need a radio you need a battery in addition to the drivers. OnePlus is giving us good sound quality at a very good price with near-universal gadget support. I don’t really have anything to complain about, these are pretty cool. In the end i will say well done oneplus well done it is really great product.


Brand                                                OnePlus
Color                                                  Black
Connectivity Technology               Wired
Connection:                                       Wireless, Connection:3.5 mm Plug
Model Name                                      Bullets TYPE-C
Form Factor                                       In Ear
Item Dimensions                              1.14 x 6.42 x 3.58 inches
Item Weight                                       4.48 ounces
Special Features Microphone         Integrated Remote Control

Positive Reviews

  •   Good sound quality and Low Price
  •  Attractive design and Easy to use remote

Negative Reviews

  •  Can be uncomfortable for some
  •  Not all playback controls worked on my phone
  •  Tangle easily


Thanks so much for reading my article. I will continue to produce audio deep dive reviews on gadgets until. I just cannot measure output from them anymore. If you are curious how different phones and headphones perform. I hope you will check out the community over on

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