OnePlus Buds Z Review with Positive & Negative

OnePlus Buds Z Review | Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

The OnePlus Buds Z, these are on sale for 2999 at the time of writing this Article. They are on a deal so the price may change soon. You can see these are a slight upgrade to the previous generation of the buds even though they are priced less. They do now have ear tips that can be replaced and they do come with different size ear tips inside the box. And the beauty of this is that it does come with a pairing button on the back. So if you want to quickly pair your earphones you just have to tap that button and put the earphones in a pairing mode.

Now the earphones them selves have IP55 rating, So you do have some sort of water and sweat resistance on these earphones. They also have a hydrophobic nano coating. So the earphones them selves will repel water. And the earphones offer up to 5 hours of usage on a single charge at around 80% volume. But you do get an additional 15 hours using the case and charging them. In it they do support the fast charging standard from one plus. So if you do have a one plus device, not only will you be able to use the charger to quickly charge up the earphones. But also in the OnePlus device you will also be able to go in and tune some of the settings on the earphones. This feature however is not available on other devices. So if you do want a finer control on these earphones.

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They will only work best with one plus devices. But you can pair them with any other phone including Iphones. If you so choose to as far as the sound experience is concerned. The overall sound stage is a pretty enhanced and it feels amplified it also feels a little digital. It does have a good amount of bass and vocals are also enhanced. So you do feel that you are listening to good high dynamic quality audio. They do sort of pull out some names like dynamic 3D stereo sound and Dolby Atmos. But I feel that the sound stage experience was not the best out of our lot.

As far as phone calls are concerned audio quality is clear. On both sides but again there is some sort of digital noise cancellation going on. That for the microphone as well as for the earphone or the incoming audio you feel some sort of dynamic noise cancellation happening on a digital level.

Now like I said for music vocals are clear and bass is enhanced. So you do get a good amount of bass on these and overall a really good comfortable fit. Because of the stem it does make your mic pick up a little bit better. So definitely worth a shot especially if you are using a Oneplus device.

OnePlus Buds Z issues

The OnePlus Buds Z impress in the crucial areas but there are certainly a bunch of issues plaguing it. OnePlus smartphone users can directly customize the controls on the Buds Z from the Bluetooth settings while other Android users need to get the HeyMelody app from Google Play. And these App is not supported in all type Android Phone(Below Android Version 6.0). For IPhone users, there is no app and that means they will be left devoid of any firmware updates or customization options.

The controls themselves are limited on the earbuds and I would have liked to see volume controls onboard instead of the rather useless voice assistant shortcut.


Tech Specifications

      • An impressive IP55 rating ensures outstanding water and sweat resistance.
      • The OnePlus Buds Z are built to last and withstand some of the most exteme sessions in the gym.
      • Advanced Bluetooth:        5.0 technology,
      • Mounting Hardware       ‎Battery packed
      • Battery Cell Composition     ‎Lithium-Cobalt.
      • Item Weight ‎                  50 g.
      • Item Dimensions          LxWxH 38 x 23 x 21 Millimeters.
      • Each earbud Driver:     10mm dynamic driver.
      • Driver sensitivity :         97 dB ± 3dB @ 1 KHz.
      • Advanced Bluetooth:    5.0 technology,

Positive Reviews 

      • Comfortable fit
      • Good audio for the price
      • Price
      • IP55 rating

Negative Reviews

      • Awkward layout of earbuds inside the case
      • Buggy software
      • No volume control

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