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MI Basic Earphones with  Ultra deep bass and MIC dept reviews

The Mi Earphone Basic earphone just looking at them you really tell that these cause just Rs.399 because, I shared the design and DNA off Xiaomi costly a headset which is selling for about rupees thousand. we will get to the differences in a short.

Inline Control & Mic

First we are talk about the similarities they share the same spiral airflow channel design. Which emphasizes the mid-range and given better bass output as well the tips of the in-ear headsets are angled out. So they fit better and actually stay in your ears even while you are jogging. It does comes with a microphone and it has a single button to end or receive call but there’s a bit of built-in functionality. There which we will just talk about so if you single tap on it while you are playing music it pauses or place the track and if you double tap on it you can change drags. You have there is no change any volume control button and you should not expect that because this is a basic headset.

The earphone also features a microphone for hands-free calling and calling experience is also good. It is captures a good voice and removes most of the background noise to deliver. And you get clear audio on the other side. You have a silver pin right here again and you have that plastic enclosure it fits in perfect in the 3.5 mm L type audio jack.


Now discuss about build quality, the build quality is more metal slightly better build on the knee in your earphone which you can get on the left which cost thousand bucks. If the talk about cable quality, the cable design is so pretty and you get plane circle style rubberized cable on the basic ones. And the premium once you get kevlar braided mesh cable both a pretty strong don’t get tangled that easily. On the inside of the flat style cable with the basic headset you do get kevlar fibers to keep them protected.

Sound Quality

Here sound quality those have a very balanced sound stage. The myths are very well pronounced the highs are quite all right and the bass doesn’t overpower, the bass are also balanced. According to my personal experience, the earphone is really impressive. I like the superior bass response. The earphone conceit 10 mm drivers. The 10 mm drivers are produce clear crisp and balanced sound. The drivers are larger than used in other ear phones of this segment mid and highs are also nice along with a good pace. Mi Basic  delivers a pretty spacious sound stage considering its price. I tested this earphone with several kinds of tracks and even used it while watching movies, playing Video Game and listening song the performance is impressive. This earphone also gives you good isolation and no noise can interrupt your listening experience.

That there no cable noise you can go but with this on a run add you can choose different air-tips. So that they fit in your ear perfectly. There is no added distortion these get plenty loud.

These Mi Earphone are also available in Rs.399(INR) on Amazon.

Technical Features:- 
  • Tangle free cable
  • Ultra deep bass
  • Has mic and play/pause button
  • High quality silicone earbuds
  • 10mm drivers
  • 3.5mm jack. Speaker impedance: 32Ω.
  • Frequency Response Range: 20-20,000Hz, Rated power: 5mW
Tech Specifications:-
  • Brand:- Xiaomi
  • Model Name                   YDJC01JY Mi Earphones Basic
  • Compatible Devices       Xiaomi phones, android, and IOS devices
  • Material                            Aluminum, Plastic
  • Product weight                only 14 grms
  • High quality silicone earbuds. Cable length-1.25 m
  • Super extra bass, powerful 10mm drivers, HD clear sound, in-line microphone, play/pause your music, change your tracks and answer/end your calls
  • Aluminum alloy sound chamber
  • Available in black and red
  • 6 months company warranty from the date of purchase, you can activate your warranty online or offline
  • Hotline Service: 1800 103 6286, Hotline Service is available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time
👍Positive Reviews:-
  • The mi Earphone sound great for the price.🙂
  • The cable is covered in kevlar fiber.🙂
  • The mi Earphone are on available just 399.🙂
  • This is available in Three different color.🙂
  • Tangle free Earbud Tips🙂
  • Ultra Deep Bass, Designed Just For India🙂
👎Negative Reviews:-
  • No available in-line volume control button.😟
  • Earphone warranty only six month.😟


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