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JBL Quantum 100/200 and 300 – Gaming Headphones Comparison With Reviews


JBL Quantum 100/200 & 300 which one would be perfect for you. Let’s find out………

Hey what’s up this is Team Bass-Zone. And Today’s in this article we will be comparing all the three headphones in detail and conclude which one is best suited for you first of all for Playing Gaming and Watching Movies.

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Now let’s move to the review of these headphones

Design and Build Quality

The design of these gaming headphones. I want to say that the quantum 100 is a good design headset. But when compared to the 200 it feels way more cheap and less durable. Quantum 100 feels very plasticky and cheap. It feels like youare holding a poor quality headphones. On the other hand the quantum 200 and 300 feels much more Premium and solid. Although all three devices are made out of plastic, but you can feel the difference in the quality of the product. May be I’m amplifying it too much, but I have all of them with me. So I can see the difference but when you consider them individually you won’t mind it that much. having said that all three headphones are durable enough. That you can use it every day and any where.

My Personal Experience

Me and my Friend are using all the three headphones for the past 5-6 months and we have not faced any problem yet. One design change found on these headphones is the mute button. So to mute the mic on the Quantum 100 there is a mute button on the back of the headphone along with the volume slider. On the 200 and 300 to mute the mic all you have to do is flip it up. Which definitely is a better option of doing, so and as we are talking about the volume slider. When you turn this volume knob, it will only increase the volume of the headphones and not the volume of the device. So to get 100% of the volume you have to turn both headphones and device volume to Quantum 100.

Comfort and Fitting

Now coming down to the comfort and fitting you have to be very careful. You only want to pick a comfortable pair of headset. So in that sense all three headphones are comfortable. We get memory foam on all the three headset. But what I feel is Quantum 200 and 300 to be much more comfortable. Quantum 100 is little less comfortable for me as they grab my head so hard. That I can not bear them for more than 15 minutes. May be it is because of my bigger head but for me Quantum 200 and 300 are much more comfortable.

Now on the fitting side I don’t find any of these headphones to be poor performing all of them hold the head firmly and doesn’t fall out even, if you swing your head little too hard.


Now starting with the features of the Quantum 100. We get detachable boom mic, so if you don’t use the mic too often then you can detach it. Second we get support for the windows spatial sound on the windows and XBox and that is it for the Quantum 100.

Now talking about the Quantum 200 and 300. We have flip to mute mic, so if you want to mute the mic all you have to do is flip it up. Second is the support for the spatial sound on the windows and XBox and one additional feature. You can get on the Quantum 300 has to do with the USB-Adapter. When you connect the headphones through the USB first of all you will get some improvement over the sound quality just a minute difference.

As this device will work as a DAC (Digital Audio Converter). So it will convert your audio, digital audio from your computer to analog. so there will be some sort of improvement. and second of all you can use the quantum engine app from where you can set all kind of settings for the headphone. like EQP sets spatial sound and microphone gain. Although you can set these things in windows, but you have all these settings scattered here and there. On the other side with the app you can get all that in one place

Inline Mic

Now Discussing About MIC Quality, the mic all the three models have voice focus boom mic. Now on the Quantum 100 you can get the detachable MIC. Where as on the Quantum 200 and 300 you get the flip up MIC. The mic on all the three models are adjustable. That is you can bend them however you want. The Built of MIC all you have to do is press this button on the Quantum 100 and on the 200 and also 300 just flip it up. Any ways talking about the actual quality of the MIC they sound fantastic.

Sound quality

Here comes the crucial part of these headphones. Which is the sound quality it self. So talking about the Driver size we have 40mm (millimeter) driver on the quantum 100. And a bit bigger 50mm Driver on the 200 and 300. As the 200 and 300 have identical sound quality. I will only call both of these headphones as 200 for the sake of making this easier for you to understand. So on the actual sound quality both Quantum 100 and 200 produces phenomenal sound quality.

They have good special 3D sound, which makes it easy for us to identify the footsteps and play better. The Sound Quality is equalized in a way that it makes every detail crystal clear. On the bass side 100 falls a little weak the explosions bombs sound don’t hit that hard and the sound feels a little muffled. When compared to the 200. The Quantum 200 has better bass response and have bit more clarity. I mean if you have the options to choose from then you should definitely go with the 200 or 300. But if you are tight on budget then you won’t go wrong with 100 either. If you do end up picking up the quantum 100 then one thing you can do to improve the experience is that you can use the equalizer to add more bass. Which will make this sound better.

Tech Specifications

Item Weight                     ‎   220 g
Model ‎                                   JBLQUANTUM100BLK
Model Name                        ‎QUANTUM
Model Year                           ‎2020
Dimensions ‎                         23 x 25 x 10 cm; 220 Grams
Batteries                                ‎1 Lithium ion batteries required.
Driver size                            40mm Dynamic drivers.
Frequency response            20Hz – 20kHz.
Max input power:                30mW.
Sensitivity                              100dB SPL @1kHz/1mW.
Impedance                            32Ω
Mic frequency                      100Hz – 10kHz.
Mic sensitivity                      40dBV @ 1kHz/Pa.
Mic pickup                            pattern Directional.
Cable length Headset          (1.2m) + PC splitter (1.5m)

Positive Reviews 
  • JBL Quantum 100 headset is designed for full compatibility with the native surround sound system built into Windows 10 PCs and Xbox ONE consoles.
  • The lightweight headband and memory foam ear cushions were designed for even the longest gaming sessions.
  • Created for PC gaming, JBL Quantum 100 headset is also compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch,Mobile, Mac, and VR.
  • Ideal for PUBG mobile, PUBG PC, CS GO, and APEX types games.
  • Easy volume control, detachable mic.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Negative Reviews
  • Microphone look & build quality is average
  • Tuning not very ideal for music and movie watching


If We are talking about the price you can head to the first link down below in the Buying Button. To find the best deals but for the price these headphones are priced at Rs.2300/-($), Rs.4000/-($) and 5000/-($) for the Quantum 100/200 and 300 respectively.

So it’s up to you which suits your budget, if you have the limit on the budget you can go with the 100. if you can’t spare Rs.1700/- ($) then you can get the 200.

Now I will say just for the USB adapter it is not worth spending extra 1000 rupees. But if you do need that you can get the 300. Anyways that was from my side now it’s up to you to choose and please let me know which one you end up buying and how was your experience. So that everyone can make wise decision and that is been it guys I guess, I cleared some of the doubts hope you guys found this article helpful.

Thanks For expending Time in My article

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