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Best Type-C Earphone On Budget-

Are you missing the best Type-C earphones in India? So, With more and more smartphones removing the headphone jack, a lot of people are looking for a decent pair of USB-C earphones in India and as you must have found out, there aren’t a lot of great options out there. Well, we decided to filter things out for you. In this article, we show the best USB-C earphones to buy in India.

Hey guys I am going to tell you about the best USB-C earphones to buy in India. That’s when I started looking for a pair of USB-C earphones in India. I realized there just aren’t many options out there. I mean there are OnePlus Bullets USB-C Earphones, Mi Type-C Earphones and Pixel-III USB-C Earbuds which are not even available separately and cost a lot.

6. MIMOB Pure Bass USB-C Earphones

You know Amazon and Flipkart Show up a bunch of USB-C Earphones. But most of these are from unknown companies with really average ratings. That is not really what I was looking for. but still we decided to check out three of these cheap earphones to see what they are actually like.

That’s why we first tested these MIMOB Pure Bass earphones which cost just Rs.399/-. So the first thing that came to my mind while using these earphones is that they sound great. Exclusively for the Rs 400 earphones. The bass is punchy and it gets loud, yes it’s good enough for the build quality, not everything great here, but not something I was expecting at its price.

Anyway when it comes to compatibility I know you would expect USB-C earphones to just work with every USB-C phone. But that is not the case in my testing these work with the oneplus 6T and the Mi A2 but they did not work with the Note 9 and the POCO F1. So the compatibility here is kind of a mixed bag. however the biggest problem with these earphones is that they’re just not comfortable to use. within a few minutes of using their my ears started hurting so there’s just no way I can recommend these.


5. Wonderford USB Type-C Earphones


Next up we had the Wonderford USB-C Earphones digital lossless. If these earphones that kind of look like the sort of earphones that Samsung used to pass with its devices back in the day. The best part about these earphones other than their Rs.260 price. That is instead of volume buttons they have a volume slider. Which personally I thought was really cool. I have not really seen that in earphone so far. But that is the only good thing about the earphone. The sound quality here is just not good enough. I mean the volume gets high but the treble is just ridiculously bad so much that it gets annoying.

You know I would have for given all of that because come on Rs.260/- earphones. But the damn things have a USB Type-C plug that screwed up the port on my friend phone one plus 5. Seriously it does not even charge properly anymore and that is why I did not check their compatibility with other phones. Just stay away from these earphones.


4. Letv Type-C Earphones


Now lastly we had the LeTv Type-C Earphones. Price that would be Rs.670/- and these are actually decent enough. I mean the build quality here is pretty good and feels sturdy and nice. The sound quality is also good enough for the price. They get really loud and the sound feels balanced enough. However they do tend to distort at higher volumes and the sound leaks out of them a lot, which can be annoying. That is it for earphones that are priced at around Rs.600/-.

These are ones you can buy if you are looking for really cheap USB Type-C Earphone plus they work with almost every phone we tested them. On Including the one plus 6T, the Note 9 and the POCO F1. They did not however work on the Mi A2. So it’s pretty obvious that most cheap USB Type-C Earphones available online just are not good enough. The LeTv Earphones are decent and you can buy them if you are looking for USB Type-C earphones in the 500 to 600 rupees price range. But even they are not as good as the earphones with a regular 3.5 mm jack in this price.


3. OnePlus Bullets Type-C Earphones

Anyway coming to earphones I would actually recommend first up we have the One Plus Bullets Type-C Earphone price at Rs.1500/- and these are really pretty damn impressive for one. The build quality here is great true I would have loved the braided cable but this is good enough for the price.  The sound quality here is awesome truly awesome. The base is punchy and deep the highs and mids are balanced very well and the earphones are comfortable to wear as well. I love these and I like the fact that they work with most phones. I tested except for the Mi 2. Overall for rupees 1500 these are the best USB Type-C earphones you can get right now in India.


2. Mi Noise Cancelling Type-C Earphones

There are also the Mi Type-C Earphones priced at Rs.3000/-. If Remind you that we have also posted a separate article on them. So they have been around for some time. Now and they are pretty good. The build quality is impeccable here and there is a braided cable as well which is a really nice touch from Xiaomi. And I really appreciate that I find earphones to be very comfort even for long news and I really like the sound quality as well. There is sample base they get loud and they don’t distort. I still prefer the audio on the One plus Bullets more but these are really good earphones to plus. They come with active noise cancellation as well I find that really useful and people have been noisy and I need to work.

Xiaomi mentions that they only support the Mi 5 and the Mi 2 but we tested them with the One plus 5, the One plus 6T, the P20 Pro the Poco F1 and other phones. They worked fine ironically though they did not work with the Mi A2 which is just weird.


1. Pixel USB-C Earbuds 

There are also the Google pixel USB Type-C earbuds. Which are quite honestly the best one out of all of these but they are not available in India unless you know you buy the pixel 3. That sucks but these do not add just $30 which is around INR Rs.2000/- these earphones are just amazing. I love the sound quality on them. The base is great and the highs and lows are perfect. These are by far the best sounding USB Type-C Earphones.

I have ever tried and I love them. Because they have some really cool Google Assistant features. I can just press hold this button here to talk to the assistant and ask a question and stuff. I can also have the assistant readout my notifications straight into my ear and press hold the volume up button to even reply to them. It’s pretty cool and it’s not like this only works with the pixel. We tested this on other phones with Android Pie and these features worked out perfectly. Almost non Android Pie phones the Earphones are compatible except the Mi A2 so that’s great.

By the way if you are wondering we did reset the Mi A2 in the hope that these earphones work with it. But they did not coming back to the pixel USB Type-C earbuds, let me just put it this way. The Pixel 3 might be overpriced but the pixel USB Type-C earbuds are definitely not. I really hope Google brings them to India soon but we contacted Google and they did not have a clear answer on when we can expect them in India, So that is slightly disappointed.

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So as you can see the USB Type-C earphones market in India is pretty much restricted to just two good USB Type-C earphones. The One Plus Bullets and the Mi USB Type-C Earphones but that’s not the case in other country. If you take a look at the US there are quite a lot of great USB Type-C Earphones available to Buy.

There is the Razer hammerhead USB Type-C  earphones, The JBL reflect a USB-C Earphone. The essential USB Type-C earphones, the HTC new sonic and a lot more. Look the point is USB Type-C is the future and it’s important MI Earphonesin India have options when it comes to buying USB Type-C earphone.

Anyway right now which are the best USB Type-C Earphones to buy in India. Look the Pixel USB Type-C earbuds are out rightly the best USB Tyep-C earphones out there. But they are not available in India. So the second best here are the OnePlus Bullets USB Type-c earphones. Which bring great sound quality at a really affordable price of Rs.1500/-. Other than that the Mi USB Type-C earphones are pretty great to specially because they bring active noise cancellation. Which is really handy for noisy situations and it is something that is not available in any other USB Type-C earphones in India. However they are priced at Rs.3000/-.  So you will have to shell out a bit extra.

Now lastly if you are looking for super cheap USB Type-C earphones, the LeTv USB Type-C earphones at around Rs.600/- are your only decent option well. That was our article on the Best USB Type-C earphones to buy in India. Personally I really like the One Plus Bullets. But if the pixel earphones were available in India I would buy them for sure. But what do you think about the state of USB Type-C earphones in India.

let us know in the comments down below and also share with your friends who are looking to buy New  USB Type-C Earphones.

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