Best Low Latency True Wireless Earbuds : Under 50$ budget

Low Latency budget wireless earbuds that sound great: EarFun Free 2 review

Chances are if you have looked for budget earbuds in the past you have probably heard about Ear-Fun we have reviewed many of their wallet friendly offerings today we are going to be talking about the brand new Ear-Fun free 2. Price is just 50$ the earphone free 2 sits right in line with many other budget-minded wireless earbuds. So let’s start now

Comfort and Design

Hello everyone this is a collection of earbuds with bass-zone ear fun-free x2 true wireless earbuds and in fact they support a very simple overall design. The capacitive touch buttons on the outside under the earphones logo register a number of different functions. While the soft rounded design helps with comfort. The simple case has a single button on the front and a single status light along the back that can be used to repair the earbuds. Opening and closing the light gives satisfaction. Click and the hinge feels sturdy enough to prevent the light from popping open or closed. For my years these may actually be one of the most comfortable true wireless earbuds out there.


That I have tried I often feel like I need to rotate and move other earbuds around like crazy to get a good seal and find a comfortable fit. But the free 2 just fit perfectly on the first try. In my ears there is the slightest bit of pressure like inside my ear canal. Which might be fatiguing for longer listening situations. But so far have been very pleased with how well they fit.

Sound Quality 

Now We are moving on to sound earbuds really lives up to its name with the sound coming out of the free 2 a notice able boost in the low end makes most listening sound fun. Pop tracks are a blast to listen to with the earphone free too the earbuds hit down low on solar sailor from the tron legacy soundtrack. And continued to pump the energy through titanium from david guetta. Highs are clear but not too forward that they become harsh.

If anything I would may be prefer a pinch more on the high end. Vocals are also clear and easy to understand melodies and harmonies from how do you sleep by sam smith. Were easy to distinguish and sounded smooth and clear depending on the genre of music mids can get just a little bit mushy. I loved how mid sounded sound and color by the alabama shakes but when one of my favorite metal tracks for testing headphones missed by protests the hero came on. The guitars were a little harder to distinguish due to that boost in low end that seemed to carry into the low mids a little bit. But overall for most listening scenarios I greatly enjoyed the sound coming out of the Ear fun free 2 wireless earbuds.

Bluetooth Connectivity/ IPX7 

One concerning downfall of some true wireless earbuds is that the Bluetooth connection can be susceptible to latency. When watching videos and for gaming. but earphone has tried to beat that issue by taking the latency down to 60 milliseconds. And in my experience this made most media that I watched seem and appear in sync and made for a great experience. When watching Movie, or playing Game. And rocking an Ipx7 rating the ear-fun free 2 is also waterproof. When submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. So this way you really don’t need to worry about them getting caught in a rainstorm. If you are out for a run.

Battery Life

The ear-fun free 2 are gives 30 hours of battery life with the earbuds themselves and the charging case makes the ear-fun free 2 a long lasting for most adventures. 7 hours on the actual earbuds alone is a respectable figure and the 23 extra hours from the case can help in extended times. Away from a charging station and when you are ready to top off the reserves the charging case is compatible with wireless  charging pads. And here we will do a quick microphone test as well. So hopefully it gives you a good idea of what the microphone sounds like on the Ear-Fun  free 2.

So overall wrapping up here ear fun really has nailed another great sounding pair of budget true wireless earbuds. Depending on what features you are seeking these might be a great fit for you. Or you might want to check out one of their other offerings like the free pro or the pair earbuds. But if what you are looking for is a pair of fun sounding earbuds with low latency for media and the 50 Ear-Fun free won’t. Let you down and if it’s something you are interested in picking up be sure to check the link down in the below Buying Button.

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