Anker Zolo Liberty Plus TWS: Review 2021

Anker Zolo Liberty Plus wireless earbuds(TWS) review & Buyer Guide: Right and wrong

Anker’s better known for its mobile battery accessories, but lately it’s been making a serious push into the headphone market.It’s selling two new totally wireless headphones, the Zolo Liberty and Zolo Liberty Plus. But Today we are discussing about the Anker Zolo Liberty Plus. The Liberty Plus are priced at Rs.3499($149) at the time of writing this article. The earphones are really high quality and they include Two 6 mm Graphene Drivers. They also connect over Bluetooth 5.0 and have instant connect capabilities, So the Liberty plus connect with your phone, whether Android or IOS almost instantly.

The Good Thinks

The Anker Zolo Liberty Plus are totally wireless earphones that offer a strong feature set and good sound at their price point. They are Sweat-proof and include a charging case that delivers twice as much battery life as the Air-Pods charging case.


They also come with a bunch of ear tips along with wing tips inside the box. That you can just swap out for a better fit and they fit really well and are extremely comfortable in the ear. As far as the music experience is concerned over various genres of music that we listened to on these earphones. We found that the lows were tight and the vocals were extremely clear and the music experience was enjoyable.

Through the range of the types of music that we listen to also the volume levels on this earphone go really high. So if you do like listening to your music loud even though it’s not really good for your ears. You can do that with these earphones. We found no distortion when we pumped up the music volumes all the way up, So we found that the sound is extremely good on these earphones.

Inline MIC/ Control

Now if you plan on using these for phone calls or they work well for phone calls the incoming audio is really clear and sounds very natural. And the outgoing audio also we found no complaints from the other end of the listening spectrum. The earphones also have a single button for all your controls on the earphone. So you can switch tracks play and pause and even end or receive calls from this single button.

Battery Life

Now the battery life on these earphones will last anywhere from three to four hours depending on the level or the volume. At which you are listening to your music, phone calls as well we found that about 4 hours is average on these earphones. So if you want something that lasts a little bit longer. These will only give you a maximum of 3-4 hours, But you can charge them in the included case and in total after charging them multiple times you will get 24 hours of usage.


At Rs.3499($149), the Zolo Liberty Plus are a shade cheaper than Apple’s AirPods, and a good deal less expensive than options from Samsung or Bose etc. But while Anker eliminated some problems with these earbuds, like connection dropouts and video delay, they are not as fully featured as some of those other offerings. The Anker’s got a product worth iterating on here, but the search for the truly wireless earbuds that do it all soldiers on.

what is the problem?

After a few weeks of testing, it is clear that Bluetooth 5.O makes a world of difference in terms of reliability. The Liberty Plus earbuds almost never dropped the connection to my Asus Rog-II, and there is a negligible audio delay, when using them to Playing Game, both mobile and on a laptop. These problems have plagued well-known makers of wireless earbuds, like Bose Noise or Sony, but Anker’s has found a way around them with Bluetooth 5.O.

May not fit some people’s ears securely. If you can’t get a secure fit, sound will suffer badly. Cost almost as much as the AirPods.

Tech Specifications

Brand ‎                               Anker
Model Name                    ‎AK-Z2010011
Model Year                       ‎2018
Product Dimensions ‎      86.36 x 48.26 x 30.48 cm; 272.16 Grams
Batteries                            ‎2 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
Mounting                        ‎  Ear Pods, Charging case, Ear gels and Charging cable
Microphone                     ‎ With microphone
Voltage ‎                             4.2 Volts
Connector Type              ‎ Bluetooth wireless
Supports                           Bluetooth 5.O
Manufacturer                   ‎Anker
Item Weight                     ‎272 g
Warranty                          18 months warranty

Positive Reviews
  • Bluetooth 5 is rock solid
  • The charging case has bountiful battery life
  • No video delay
Negative Reviews
  • Forgettable sound quality
  • Mushy buttons
  • Earbuds only last about three hours per charge
  • Price range not average, it’s so high

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